Metronome in Plini version 2.0

Installed the new version 2.0 today.
In standalone mode, it has a “metronome” icon.
Clicking it doesn’t do anything. Anyone else got this to work?

  • Frank

Indeed, it isn’t a metronome. As you can see in the PDF manual, it controls the delay time by clicking it. Delay Time is set as the interval between the last two clicks on the pad.

Ah… I see (Duh). Thought it was a regular metronome maybe for practice purposes in stand alone mode. This is good too. Thanks for clearing it up!

  • Frank
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it would be really useful to be able to make that icon a MIDI tap tempo button. You can’t assign it to any midi footswitch which is sad…

Thanks for your feedback. We will look into it.

Would be cool with double function,
So it could functioned as a metronom too


You can map the delay tap tempo to midi and that’s the only time-based effect anyway, right? I thought the same thing, then realized I really only needed tap for the delay.

Correct, I figured it out Later :smile:

It would be wonderful if it could be actually a metronome!

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