Delay becomes quiet when moved down to next row

Hey Y’all, my delay and reverb sound good when they’re on the same row, but when I move them down to the next row below, they can barely be heard (see pic). Why is this? Thanks!

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when you move them to their own parallel lane, they are only being fed your direct guitar signal. When they are on the shared lane you are sending all those other blocks thru them. Gain/volume is cumulative on the QC; the more blocks you have the more volume will increase.

Are your two main Lanes exactly the same? They look like the same blocks. Is there a reason they are duplicated like that?

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Thanks for your response. I just took the Simple Stereo Plexi preset, and added the delay and reverb to it. I noticed that my delays and reverbs on the patches that I created sounded quiet when I moved them down one row as well. So should I split the signal instead of moving them down one row?

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Ok, splitting made a huge difference! Does this look like the proper configuration for this? I would usually put the delays and reverbs at the end of the chain, but I could only split before the cab.

that can certainly work. One of the things about the Quad is there’s SO MANY different ways to do things!
With this particular configuration though, you are probably still getting direct guitar signal thru Lane 3 that only has the delay block. If you hear dry guitar coming thru, that will be why.

Another way to do it would be to change Lane 1’s Output Block to ‘row 3’ instead of Multi-out. Then you can have Lane one continue to Lane 3 and have a linear layout where everything is in line. You could drag the reverbs and delays to Lane 3 for a Series signal chain. As it stands now you are making a parallel chain, but that’s fine too. Whatever sounds best to you!


I notice that your parallel path on lane 2 is merging after your cab block, meaning the delay and reverb there are unaffected by the cab. This can work just fine but is definitely a different tone than you would get, if in a typical example, you were running delay and reverb in an FX loop on your amp. That would result in the reverb/delay being in your signal chain before the cab.

Neural, please fix the split/merge so that it doesn’t force the eighth block on rows 1 & 3 to be before the merge and AFTER the split!

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This totally makes sense! I watched a bunch of videos, and nobody really explained it like this, thanks!

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Thanks for your input! I’ll try the split before the cab…