Darkglass and Nolly troubleshoot

I recently moved to Mac and downloaded both darkglass and nolly again, but i cant seem to get the plugins to work in standalone or in a daw. the meters pop off but i’m just getting what sounds like DI… pls help lol

Im running on macOS Catalina with UA apollo twin thunderbolt 3

If you don’t get input signal, make sure you have only one input enabled at the audio settings, then check the mic permissions:

  • Select System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  • Click the icon labeled Security & Privacy.
  • Click the Privacy tab at the top.
  • In the lefthand column, click on Microphone to manage app permissions.
  • Tick the boxes next to apps for which you’d like to grant access to the mic (In this case, Darkglass and Nolly).

If you get input signal, but it’s a blend of clean and processed, you need to disable direct monitoring on your audio interface: How to disable direct monitoring

this worked for me, thank you as always @Gonzalo :)))

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