Current state of quad cortex for metal sounds

hi there,

i’m struggling to get a decent metal sound which has bite / chug, so i wanted to ask you guys what’s your experience so far. Maybe what you’ve discovered by using the Quad Cortex too.

Yes, i’m using beyerdynamic headphones (DT770), but as a friend mentioned i should get some studio speakers (although neighbours may getting annoyed) :smiley:

He has a Mesa Boogie Mark V plugged into focusrite interface and uses the signal in Archetype John Petrucci inside of a DAW and this sounded like heaven.

But we both tried to get something similar from the Quad Cortex but failed.

Bought some Impulse Responses (from jens bogren) and put them into the Quad Cortex but this didn’t change the sound for the better.

Have you looked at input gain in regard to the guitar you’re using? That may cause issues with how hard the input is hitting the amp. Literally 99% of the demo videos of the QC are it doing metal sounds, so there has to be something weird with your setup

I’m trying to figure it out right now, not that experienced obviously. What i found so far is that my 6 string passive pickups guitar tends to give me better metal sound than my 7 string active pickups guitar.

If you want to send us an email we would be happy to troubleshoot/provide tips to get the desired result you’re seeking.

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I can send you an email.

I’ve tried it again today, but most amps which could be used for metal just sound poor. There is always punch / attack missing and lot of noisy frequencies.