"Current Number" option (pressing a switch a second time)

Hi there,

I got my QC three weeks ago and I’m missing a very useful feature that I had on my “Boss MS-3” (there it´s called “current number” function):

There you can assign an additional function (e.g. turning things on/off, solo-switch etc.) when pressing the same switch for a second time.
With that, I was fine to access my sounds via 4 switches on the MS-3 (while I have to use 8 switches on the QC to get the same result)

Usecase: I cld set up all my basic sounds on my switches A to D (A=clean, B=Crunch. C=FatCrunch, D=Heavy) in SCENE-Mode
Initially I step on “B” to get my basic crunch sound.
When pressing “B” again, it turns on the delay-block and adds that to the sound.
Currently I have to assign this additional delay on switches E to H, which feels wasteful :wink:

With this “current number” function we wld “safe” switches get more sounds in one bank of a scene.

Hope you all find this as useful as I do and give this feature a vote! :slight_smile:

Literally just came to my laptop to suggest something similar as I also came from the MS3.

My (similar) idea was for in hybrid mode where you only have one row of scene buttons, pressing the footswitch again switches the the scene vertically above the one you are on. E.g. pressing E once goes to scene E, then pressing E again goes to scene A.

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Coming from Kemper to now QC this is the biggest feature I miss. Kemper has a “morph” function that essentially does what you’re asking. I put a feature request for this about a week ago. Hopefully we eventually get this functionality!

PS QC > Kemper :laughing:


There are way too many assignable / secondary / momentary / etc. footswitch function requests to count.

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Why the sigh though?
Different requests and all legit.