Assignable footswitches

Let the user use an external tap tempo via midi or exp, and make it possible to use the tap tempo and bank down footswitches (all 10 footswitches or 11 including back up switch) to do whatever the user wants it to do. (Block bypass, scence, etc)
Similar to Command Center in Helix.

This could be sorted out with hybrid mode but being able to use at least the tap tempo switch to work as a simple block bypass would be nice, since it’s not possible to do by CC message yet.

Yes, I’d love to be able to assign the Up/Down footswitches… I stay on one preset the whole gig basically, so those buttons are dead space (and worse, if I hit them accidentally I get an unwelcome change in sound, or just no sound depending on my next preset).

Obvious candidates are show/hide gig view, show/hide looper, a particular looper function, go straight to tuner, turn a particular block on or off (so I’m in Scene mode but I wanna be able to kick in a boost), disable completely (to prevent my accidental preset change).


Can’t vote for this enough!! This is one of the big areas the helix stuff excels. If the QC could match that flexibility it would truly be a gamechanger.

Love the idea as well! My biggest issue is needing a volume / solo boost. I don’t like using a whole scene for that. Any scene could need a boost at some point during a set. Be so nice to have that available from another footswitch.


This forum is getting saturated with requests for assignable / secondary / momentary / etc. footswitch functions:

…and so on. I would love to see some of these changes myself. But gosh there needs to be a unified effort to clarify to NDSP what it is users want if this is ever going to happen.


I think a merged thread would be invited. And honestly, with how crucial this feature is/should be for a unit like this, probably even pin it to the top so that others can see it’s been requested and voted on plenty.


As these are all different features, it’s best to keep them as separate posts so Neural can base what features to implement first based on what people vote on.

All of these are related to footswitch function. Maybe there should be a ‘category’ assignment to feature requests? This could possibly help the Dev Team generalize the footswitch functionality to accommodate most, if not all of the requests IMO.

I have several votes across this ‘category’ as I’m sure others do as well. If the votes were added collectively, then I think it would give a better picture to how important footswitch functionality is to the users requesting them. Plus, it may make it easier for users to find feature requests to vote on.


How about we discuss a thread merge here and post it as a new thread and everyone moves their votes? (Can we do that right? Remove a vote and put it in another thread?)

Personally, I think a summary of requests in this regard, ordered by apparent simplicity could be a real help for the NDSP dev team. Something like a roadmap: start with easy fixes and simple use cases, paving the way for the Command-Center-like flexibility

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I have also posted a related request and would be all in for a merge of the requests (like @sfehlandt mentioned, something like from easiest to implement to more complicated): Option to Swap the Functions of the Three Right Rotators

I just created a new thread about re-mapping the Bank Up/Down buttons while in edit mode, and I was directed to this thread. So I’ll repost here as well:

It seems a little pointless to be able to bank up/down when you are editing a block. It would be nice to be able to repurpose these. One thought that comes to mind is a simple “undo” button, which would be easier than trying to hit the little touch icon. Another would be an “undo/redo all” toggle, which would let you compare the current parameters to the saved parameters. So if you’re really tweaking a particular effect but then cant remember how the original effect sounded and want to compare, you can just hit “bank up” and toggle between the two. Or maybe, we could use bank up/down to scroll to different blocks so we dont need to exit and re-enter edit mode. We could even re-map Tap Tempo, even though it is a bit more useful than bank up/down, you might not always need it, so might as well have the option to re-map, if you can

I bet there are a ton of different options, and it would be cool to be able to choose what we want to map to those particular buttons, when in edit mode because, personally, I would never use bank up/down. Might as well utilize the few switches we have