CPU trouble with just the reverb pedal in archetype nolly

Hey all, I’m new to neural dsp and I’m having a great time with my recent purchases Nolly and parallax, amazing job guys. Finally a guitar plugin that makes me play for hours and inspires me and as for parallax well I didn’t know i needed a bass plugin until I tried this, wow perfect bass mix everytime. Anyway I shall get to the point one little problem is everything works great and I’m hitting about 15 CPU with the Nolly which is fine but as soon as I hit the reverb on it goes up to 30 and just constant clicks and pops. I’ve got all my buffer size the way I need it if I up it anymore I wouldn’t be able to play because of the latency. Is this normal for this plugin? Any advice?

Keep up the amazing work.
Thank you
Paul Michael

Hello @PaulMichael. Thank you for your support!

The reverb effect could be quite demanding in some cases, but it shouldn’t give you any audio dropouts/clicks. Please take a look at these guides depending on your operating system: Windows / macOS

Also, be sure to use either 44100Hz or 48000Hz as your sample rate. There’s no need to go higher than that since our Plug-Ins already include oversampling.

Thank you for your reply I shall take a look. Yes I always use 44.1.

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