Cortex thru A/B pedal


I run my Q C thru a Headrush cab.
I also run my Kemper toaster thru same cab.
I use a Morley A/B pedal for switching.
When I turn them on the Q C never has sound and I have to unplug XLR’s etc to get it to make a ‘noise’.
Never have an issue with the Toaster.
Any advice welcome.
Thanks in advance.

Sounds like it might be an issue with how the cab and A/B work together. What occurs when you don’t use the Kemper and or A/B, does the QC work as normal with sound to the cab? If so, there is something with the way the A/B is interacting. Are you using TS, TRS or XLRs to the A/B and cab? Worst case, email and they should be able to determine the source of the problem.

I will leave it open in case someone else has any advice using an A/B with a Headrush FRFR.