Cortex Control shows my wrong user name on my presets

When looking at my presets, my user name is misspelled. Is there a way to fix it?

Your username is 100% defined and controlled by you.

Hello. Thank you for replying. The user name in the “My Presets” in the Cortex Control app shows the misspelled user. But not in my profile. See pic attached. Thx

Not sure that support can help but try sending an email to and they can hopefully provide resolution.

Your username was always your current one? By any chance, when you upload those presets did you have the misspelled username defined?

I noticed this strange behaviour myself , when I go to ‘My Preset’ folder , when I display the Author Name , it sometimes shows “You” , and sometimes my ‘normal’ username …

All those presets were created from scratch by me, and I never changed my username …

Sounds like a bug to me (probably related to some ‘User unique ID’ that changed somewhere , perhaps during a Firmware Update , or because of an update of the Back-end on the NDSP side ? who knows ….)

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Has anyone figured out how to change this? It auto-generated a name, I’ve created a name that is on the unit and cloud. But when I create captures, it shows the author name as the auto-generated name.

I have the same issue. Happens with both presets and captures.