CorOs 2.0 available in October?


I would like to know if the new CorOs 2.0 will finally be available in October or we will have to wait longer.


Prepare to “wait longer” :crazy_face:

More seriously, I doubt that Neural Dsp would announce a release date for CorOs 2.0.

They might announce that the ‘Beta Testing’ phase has begun, but since it is the biggest update ever since 1.0 they might not announce anything, even for the Beta Phase, because the Beta testing could take much longer on this release than on the previous ones…

A lot of people expect a ‘Quad Cortex Development Update’ blog post in the next few days, like the previous ones ( Quad Cortex Development Update) , but again there’s no commitment from NDSP on this either …

We just published our September developers update, which can give you a sense of where it’s at.

No confirmed ETA since anything can come up in development, but we are getting close to completion! It’s going to be a big update!