CoreOs Roadmap?

Is there any kind of public roadmap when the next os update is planned and what is currently worked on?

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No, of course not. QC has only indicated that firmware updates will be occurring and that developers are actively working on addressing the higher priority items.

Any idea what is considered high priority atm?

Not specifically, Doug indicated the following this morning:

"We are actually working on 3 updates simultaneously.

2 are bug fixes plus adding new cab models, and the third will be quite substantial."


Glad to hear that ‘issues’ are being fixed.
My second gig with my quad is tonight, but it has been a slight ordeal in getting my set tones down. I’m not overly impressed with the pedals or the expression pedal response, especially when I connect it to the Gain setting. Very little response other than a 5 to 10 % increase in volume (output).
Volume issues between FOH and my cab, have got me a few comments from the Sound Engineer; and they weren’t complimentary.
Any new Amps?

But not mentioned on their own forum…
Odd arrangement. In order to get the company to provide information or feedback you don’t go to the company sponsored forum, you go to TGP or Facebook??


I find that annoying as well. Fractal does this a lot better, I hope they take a page out of their playbook because IT WORKS :slight_smile:

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Same as Line 6 forum.

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