Converting model to capture and back

It would be convenient to have a command in the block’s context menu that will convert the model to capture

The purpose can also serve as several blocks at the same time, this will save resources and allow you to place more effects on one line or will allow use of more resource-demanding HQ-effects

Such a capture should also contain in the form of metadata a list of blocks and their parameters, this will allow you to have an inverse function that decomposes the capture into the original models, if any adjustment is required

This is a great idea! Could then in theory have an Overdrive, 2 amps, and 2 Cabs and capture that chain to use as one block on other presets! Sure would simplify my time. I run into walls trying to add to many modeled devices on one lane all the time and this could be a BIG save for me. The capture process could ignore devices that cannot be captured within the chain like delays and reverb etc.

This would be epic; this would REALLY set the unit apart from the competition! Great idea!

it uses all four cores to do captures and takes 4 minutes, if they could split it up and run it in two cores while the other two ran the preset it would take like 10 minutes. it would be cool to be able to do that though, I’ll play captures over models every time for the faster response

I think this is a great idea – sort of like collapsing tracks in a DAW, and if you keep the settings of all the blocks as meta-data in the capture, you can deconstruct it back into the original signal chain blocks with those settings.

The only issue is being able to run the signal chain while capturing. I don’t know what power you need for this, and whether it can be done as it has to be done in realtime? So splitting the cores into 2 sets may not be sufficient. But if it’s just collapsing a few blocks, this shouldn’t take much CPU (remember the time effects take the most CPU and you wouldn’t capture these yet), so maybe it’s doable.