Clean Sound When evberything is mmuted or bypassed

As the Title says.
In one of my presets with Dual Amps in Stereo on lane 1 and lane 3 i get an annyoing clean sound when i mute or bypass everything. First i thought it comes only from lanre onr so i muted the outputs.
If Lane 1 Output is muted no sound. If Lane 2 is not muted then i turn it off and sound is also gone.
Sounds like a loopback to me for some reason. Could it be the Settig where you can say if the quad should take both the DI Signal and the Effected one or just DI or just with effects?
thanks in advanture for your help.

kind regards

Edit: It has nothing to do with the Dry-Wet Switch. Doesn’t work

is this into a DAW for recording, or monitoring thru headphones?

just trough headhones.

I think I understand. How are you “muting” the signal? If you’re talking about the bypass button in a block, it only mutes the effect but allows the signal to pass, unprocessed. If you want to mute a lane, you could insert something like a simple utility gain block, turn the gain to zero assign it to a footswitch and just turn that block on to mute the signal. If I’m not understanding, could you post a pick of your grid?