Ciocks DC7 Power supply 2 A?

Here’s how… 4 taps each set to 500mA, then summed with two Flex 8800 cables then again summed to another Flex 8800 cable and then into the standard black center negative cable.

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Shouldn’t even be theoretical. From the user manual:

“To turn Quad Cortex off, press the capacitive power button and select SHUT DOWN. You can also remove the power cable from the back of Quad Cortex.”

I’m interested in that Ciocks “Crux” device…

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With the Quad Cortex off the current draw is .074 A (74mA).
With the Quad Cortex on standby the current draw is 1.063 A (1063 mA).
The startup current draw max is 1.876 A (1876 mA).

I loaded the unit to 63% with a screen brightness of 3 and LED’s at 7, the current draw was 1.211 A (1211 mA)

I found the biggest drawing factor is the screen brightness. at max setting of 32, the current draw is 1.96 A (1960 mA).

I currently parallel 4 channels of my DC7 to supply my QC and use the rest for my other stuff.

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CIOKS DC7 is recommended to power QC and other components on your pedal board. There are also other alternatives etc. Some people wanted a more robust power supply than OEM so there are alternatives. Some wanted a power supply that resolves ground hum that some experience when using only headphones etc., there are alternatives for that as well.

That is what this community and thread is for, owners providing information and details for alternate power supplies.

For the record this same method works with the Eventide PowerMax since it too is a Cioks DC7

+1 on the Cioks “Crux”. I’ve looked for info but can’t seem to find anything. Anyone have link to more info? The chain-of-multiple-adapters approach may be functional - but it gets me ‘OCD’sh’. I’d rather see a cleaner solution.

BTW, I never understood why the eventide is more expensive while having less voltage switching options for the individual outlets.

The V1 Powermax lacked the 24v out. The V2 is identical to the DC7.

Also interested in the Cioks Crux. As of now, still isn’t available. On FB they’ve said it will be in November, but we’re half way through that now ofc.

I posted this in a different thread. This is what I found out:

I couldn’t find any info about the Cioks ‘Crux’ - so I emailed them. I originally thought that ‘The Crux’ was a dedicated 4-to-1 adapter made for the Quad Cortex - but apparently it is a ‘module’ that connects to the 24v output of the DC7. This may not be news to some - but I figured I’d offer it to the Forum for those interested.

ME: “Hi - I own a DC7. I’ve seen in some of the gear threads that Cioks is going to bring out a new cable pack for the Quad Cortex. I know that there is a current work-around using three Cioks Flex cables - but that’s a little too cluttered for my board. Can you confirm whether you are going to be bringing out a dedicated Quad Cortex cable pack for the DC7 - and when we can expect this? Thanks in advance for your help.”

CIOKS: “We are not releasing a “cable pack”'for the Quad Cortex. We have a cabling configuration already that powers the Quad Cortex. We are however in the future releasing a module for the DC7 that allows the use of the 24V outlet to convert to a single 2A outlet with a 9/12V option. The module is called The Crux and will be released sometime in December.”

There you have it.


Right - it’s this thing:

For my use case it may be a bit extravagant to get the DC7+Crux…

@SkeletronPrime totally agree. It’s hard enough justifying the DC7 for me. It worked great cleaning up my pedalboard noise when I still had one - but I’m down to just the Quad Cortex sitting on my desk now. I have the DC7 tucked behind it. I don’t want another thing back there. To be honest, I’m not sure that the DC7 makes that big of a difference with the QC. I’ll have to do some A/B’ing with the stock power supply this weekend.

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It does… and it’s grounded. :slight_smile:

BTPA actually makes a custom cable to length for the Cioks application so you don’t need the flex adapters, It’s a one piece… 4 rca to 1 center negative. Has me interested for sure.

Uuugh. You’re 10 days too late. Lol !!! I already went the Flex route. Good to know - just in case my OCD gets the better of me. Thanks.

I’m sorry dude! I saw this the other day. Their IG has multiple redundant QC builds and I messaged them… turns out they make nice cables. I have the same OCD.

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Thanks, man. I appreciate the heads-up. I’ll check them out.

No worries man! Cheers!

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Regarding the crux, If I wanted to go beyond the 2 Amps, could I use a flex parallel adapter with one of the other outputs, set to 12v, on the DC-7 to ger 2.5 Amps, or 2 adapters with 2 outputs to get 3 Amps? I’m not saying I need all that current. I’m just asking if it’s possible.

I am the voice calling out in the wilderness over here, and I’m certain I will be ignored, but I will keep saying it anyway:

If you’re about to purchase a new power supply, please know that you DO NOT HAVE TO shell out >$200 for a Cioks DC7 with those parallel cables (+$70 for a Cioks Crux, good grief!) in order to have a grounded power supply for QC.

There are some power supplies that can do this for you for about $30-40 and provide a minimum of 3A if you’re concerned about that. DM me and I’ll share my solution.

If you still think a DC7 is the best solution for your power needs, go for it.