Changing Tone King II presets with midi in Logic


I’m able to change my Tone King II presets in standalone version with my foot switch controller (Airstep) but not in Logic and the plug-in version.

Midi learn on the archetype plugin window does not work, neither manually entered mappings. Luckily Logic is proposing another midi learn mechanism and I can activate any pedal for example but I did not find how to change presets.

Can you help me ?

Logic Pro isn’t the most friendly platform for guitar plugins since Logic does not send MIDI messages to plugins in an audio track. You basically have two options. First is to use an audio track, and use controller assignments to map MIDI messages to plugin track automation parameters for the NDSP plugin. This can work, but is complex and tends to be unreliable. See Creating Logic Pro X Controller Assignments for details.

The second option is to use a Software Instrument track, add the NDSP plugin as the software instrument, and now you can map MIDI messages directly to the plugin. To get your guitar into the plugin you have to use the software instrument side chain audio input. Then you use three tracks for your guitar, one that has the dry guitar from QC, the software instrument track that records the MIDI commands that control the plugin, and usually another audio track whose input is a bus output of the software instrument track to record the wet/processed guitar. I use a track folder that configures these three tracks to make setup easier.

That’s a pretty brief introduction. Probably doesn’t help, but should give you some ideas to try.

Hi Jamsden,

Thanks, this sure helps ! Now I understand the limitations of the audio track way and I should be able to use the second option :grinning:


I spent 2 hours on the instrument track yesterday, I also fond this topic which confirms this is the right way.
But still, it doesn’t work for me, midi learn does not receive any midi message for example.
I will download Cory Wong demo version to double check if this could be a bug with TKII and if still not working I will write to XSONIC support.

Does anyone use Airstep Bluetooth midi controller wit Logic Pro X ?

Logic is funny about which tracks receive what MIDI. There an “optimization” where if you only select and arm one MIDI track, it will automatically receive all MIDI messages. However, if you arm more than one MIDI track, then you have to specifically set the MiDI device and channel for each track. This is how Logic supports multiple MIDI devices at the same time.

Another Logic quirk is there’s no input monitoring on MIDI tracks. You have to record arm the track to hear the instrument play.

Another quirk is that controller assignments are global by user, not stored in the project. I guess this is to model a studio that’s consistent for each project. But it’s a pain in practice for me because I use different MIDI configurations for different projects.

Apple MainStage has much better MIDI management, but its still quite complex.

Agreed, I experienced that funny behavior by myself and finally got everything to work. I also had to dropped midi learn, buggy detection…
Anyway now I know and have my rig ready :sunglasses:

This is helpful for me too. Thank you. I am hoping to automate preset changes in Logic pretty soon, so I’ll bookmark this page. :slight_smile: