Capture Tech Improved?

I have had problems in the past capturing a fuzz that I have that I particularly like. Seeing they added the plasma in 2.0 I decided to try again and seemed to get better results. Does anybody know if the new capture routing results in better captures? Or have I simply gotten better at capturing/fallen victim to the ol’ placebo.

Hi @brodyfraziermusic , nothing official has been indicated but I am seeing the same as you. My guess is the new routing inputs etc., being used has improved that process. I have a late 60s Super Fuzz that I will be trying to capture soon and hoping it works this time!


I also tried capturing a gated fuzz pedal that had failed in the past and now it works pretty well.
I think something has been improved.
Those Plasma captures are really nice


It’s just not there yet for fuzz. You just can’t get that “bloom,” at least not right now.

Yeah, I still don’t think it totally nails it, but it is much closer than I could get previously on this specific fuzz. I have to play a solo live that I recorded with this fuzz so I just need to get close enough to fake it in a mix, and I think it’s close now