Captures | input level distortion

I have noted that, when input level is set as 0db, captures sound better than using the standard way of setting levels. When I set levels more than that the captured amp starts to sound unnaturally distorted.
You too? I refer to clean tones especially

It depends on the guitar you’re using, the output level of your pickups, the type of amp that you’re capturing & how you have your amp set.

Personally I find that for high gain sounds you don’t get the same level of gain without a significant boost at the input; however, with lower gain sounds you often get too much gain & need to cut it after the fact using the controls in the capture block.

I also find that 0.0db is not unity & that there’s a drop in signal level unless you add a boost on the input.

I mean playing captures from other people, not creating captures

That just means that the pickups in your guitar are likely higher output than the pickups in the guitar’s of the people whom created the captures that you’re using. You can compensate by either using the controls in the capture block or by adding a gain block prior to said capture block & setting it to taste (that way you can set your global input level appropriately for your guitar rather than letting the guitars of the people whom made your captures of choice dictate it).


One thing to check is impedance settings on the QC, when some presets/captures are too hot or bright etc., I usually back off the impedance from the default of 1M to 470k or 232k. The result will roll off the harshness and highs the lower you go. I used to stay at default 1M but have been running at 470k now for a few months and IMO sounds like the perfect balance. If I go back to 1M, I can hear it instantly now.

To note, I mostly live in the crunch to high gain tone areas and mostly use passive humbuckers etc.

Do bear in mind though that; if doing this, you are straying further away from actual guitar amp specifications & the captures will perform less faithfully (amplifiers typically have an impedance of 1M or higher; the purpose of being able to lower the impedance is to simulate the effects of vintage fuzz pedals etc that load down your guitar’s pickups) …not a problem if you like the results of course - just something to be aware of.

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Good points! thanks for the feedback!

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