Appropriate setting for using neural captures

I’ve read that neural capture is a snapshot of the device with specific setting.
Then neural captures are supposed to sound ideal when parameters(like gain eq volume) are default right?
But when I use neural captures with default parameters(0dB), they sound too overdriven even though I use clean amp captures.

I think I’m missing something important.
What should I check to fix this?

Now I wonder I/O setting cause this problem.
I thought the level should be as high as possible so I set in1 level to 19.8dB.
Is this too high?
Would you tell me about appropriate input level and impedance?

Depending on the guitar you’re using, you may have to adjust the gain in front of the capture, yes.

If someone made a “clean” capture for a single coil guitar, it may sound crunchy with humbuckers.
(Which is in fact the same behavior a real amp would have with single coils vs humbuckers)

I use a gain block in front of the capture to adjust. I think you could also use the input gain or the gain setting of the capture, I’m not exactly sure if that would make a difference.

And yes, +19dB sounds very high for the I/O gain, I mostly leave it around 0. But then, my guitar has relatively “hot” pickups.

Hi @kikiu , sorry to hear you are having issues with your captures. You will need to adjust your I/O levels to work with your setup but yes, 19dB is probably way too high and I would start at unity and go from there. Impedance is ‘usually’ ok at default for most purposes but generally anything lower than 1M (default) and the high end starts to roll off. Depending on the guitar/pickups, you man need to tweak to your liking but I believe your biggest issue is working with a lower level for I/O. If you continue to have issues, feel free to email and they will get your sorted quickly.

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