Can't get a good tone to save my life!

Just in case anyone is wondering what my tone tends to sound like after I mix, here are some examples (note: these are before I installed the Nazguls, and use various amp sims).

Honestly in your case I’d look into Amped Super Duper from ML Sound Labs, but what I think you need more than amp solutions is better bass stuff. Currently I use the Darkglass B7K Ultra plugin in front followed by the Parallax, both from Neural DSP.

@Lemerchand yeah look into some better pickups too

I put Nazguls into it and they seem to be fairly well praised

Nah nowadays the Black Winter are all the hype.

The Nazgul is active right? … maybe a battery swap?

Nope. Nazguls are passive as well. I think the only Seymours that are active are the original Dave Mustaine set and the Blackouts. I should be the one worrying about batteries because I’m running EMG.

Have the exact same problem. Created threads on various forums about “muddy di” with no solution.
I have a schecter hellraiser with an emg81 which sounds like nothing like the samples i have found on the internet. Its weird that some ppl complain how it lacks low end…
The strat i am using have no chime because it also sounds like it lacks high end.
So far I have swapped audio interfaces, tried both mac and pc. Suspected about the wiring of the house but the problem persists when the macbook is plugged or not.
Only workable solution i found is high passing the di at 150-200 hz and boosting the 4khz 8khz range depending on the tone i seek.
Any kind of help is appriciated.

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Please share a sample

This is the forum post i created on ultimate guitar. Which also contains the di sample of the emg 81.

For the love of God run the di to Archetype Nolly and hear how shitty it sounds lol. Especially with the factory presets.

Did you check the pickup wirings?

Yes. Also tried 18v mod. And diaabling the tone pot.

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