Can you sweep the input gain on a reverb block using expression pedal?

I used to love ‘catching a note’ on the old lexicon rack mounted units, I would do this in post by having the reverb on an fx loop set to an extremely long decay but the input dialled to zero, then I would just flash the dial catching the note I wanted and going straight back to zero input, the quicker you flashed the cleaner the caught note and the note would hang beautifully, decaying over the entire rest of the track, mix ( or whatever) … I always dreamed of using the effect live, but it has too many maneuvers! Freeze doesn’t decay nicely, could you go about setting that up with mindhall and an expression pedal? Or some other method on the qc?

I found 2 ways to do it, both w/ XP + Mindhall. I think MH rev is the best choice because you can get to self-oscillation if you max the delay- although you probably don’t want to go quite that far or it’ll just keep hanging.

Both approaches use the MH at at least 80% mix and 90% decay. Can be tweaked for longer or shorter decays.
One way is to put the MH rev into an isolated lane, with a gain block on either side, with the sweeps inverted on the XP. This uses the XP to open the gate to catch the note but if you keep playing none of the new notes will have the rev applied, that split path only has the caught note + rev. You have to leave the pedal swept to toe position till the decay fades.

The other is to put the rev on a split lane, same settings, and assign the XP to the Splitter Bal control. When you sweep the XP it sends signal to the maxed MH rev to catch the note, and when you sweep back down the caught note decays naturally. With this approach if you play over/under the caught note, the new notes are sent thru the reverb, unlike with isolated split lane technique (or you can immediately sweep the pedal back to heel pos after catching the note and continue playing w/ dry signal while the rev decays)

I made a preset with just those elements if you’d like to take a peek at it


I would love to see that, sure. :smiley:

here’s a template using Amalgam full-rig captures and the 2 scenes demonstrating both approaches to catching the note’s long decay. Hopefully they could be adapted into your preferred rig signal chain.
Let me know if you feel it needs any particular tweaks:

Fantastic stuff Xush! I’ll use it tonight, splitter balance works for me, its been an education, its good to zero in on the underlying concepts, Im sure i’ll use this idea a lot in various ways, fair play to ya :wink:

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awesome, glad to hear it! I made it as basic as possible to leave room for the user’s regular signal chain.
For mine, I think I’ll delete one of the options and build the rest of the path around that.

I hadn’t explored this particular effect before, so thanks for inspiring me to! I like the result, going to build it into my main presets. If you find ways to improve it, let us know!