Can not hear OUT3/4 through Headphones

Hi everyone,

Im asking here before I ask the neural support.

QC functions as a USB interface in my case. Connected are my guitar, a mic, headphones and two XLR-monitors. I configured some applications on my PC to specific USB-Channels of the QC, so that I would only hear them on my headphones, since OUT3/4 are not connected to any speakers.

In this case I would route the sound from the PC to USB OUT 3/4 (USB IN 3/4 on the QC). I see the signal coming into the correct USB channel and to OUT3/OUT4, but I dont hear it on my headphones. When using USB OUT 1/2 (USB IN 1/2 on the QC) I hear the sound through OUT1/OUT2 and the headphones.

The documentation makes me understand that the OUT1/2 and OUT3/4 are both bridged to the headphone out. Also the info in the QC I/O settings menu says that USB INPUT3/4 should be audible on the headphones.

My Preset Ports:
Input: IN2 (XLR mic)
Output: USB3/4

Hey @ttah,

Go ahead and send us an email, our team will get back to you quickly and will be able to answer any questions you may have. If any troubleshooting is necessary they’ll be able to help you as well.