Using Quad Cortex CabSim Capability With My Amp?

Is there / will there be a way to come out of my pedals and amp into the Quad Cortex and use the cabs capability into my DAW?

Atleast from your pedals to QC should work. I have used my pedals with kemper and helix with ’great success’. Pedals sound different with different amps and it is the same with modellers, so you might not instantly get what you expect.

If your amp has preampout/send, you prob can plug that into qc’s input and use the qc as an expensive IR box. Again tried this with other and it works, but never found this worth the hassle myself. If you want to plug your amp into qc directly you need a load box in between or you will fry qc’s input.

All in all I’ve found out that using a preamp style pedal might warm your tone with modellers or can be used as a boost and give analog flavor to your tone.

However based on the demos I think qc might not need these ’ crutches ’, but we guitarists might!

Sure, just use a load box, preferably a good reactive one like fractals or suhrs, so you can feed line level DI into the cortex.