Bypass power amp sim

Hi. I am going to run the QC in 4CM so I can use the internal preamp on my Matchless combo, but also “add channels” by switching out the Matchless preamp and inserting an amp sim that goes into the power amp section of the Matchless. But then there will be double and different power amp characteristics as the amp sim has its own power amp sim built-in going into the Matchless power amp with its own character. So how can I turn of the power amp sim part of an amp sim in the QC and use only the preamp part of the sim? This was easy on my Axe-Fx II, but can’t find out how to do this on the QC.

You need a preamp capture. With the way Neural makes the models, it’s probably not possible to separate them.

There isn’t a way to do that unless you just use captures of a preamp. Helix has separate preamp and full amp models though.