Buttons too close together

Anyone agree the QC buttons are too close together?
It’s distracting when I have to quickly stomp a button and shift my attention to
the pinpoint accuracy of my shoe tip and at the same time double check that I didn’t accidentally hit the wrong button.
I’m only a size 8!
I get the portable, compact package thing, but it really is an issue in a live setting. The QC is crazy small as it is.
Maybe a larger unit with a couple extra switches would be ideal for functional live use.

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I have had an issue when pressing the bottom right switch I accidentally hit the one directly above it. When in Scene Mode this places the QC in Stomp mode.

I’m thinking that if I can find some switch covers that are larger, that may solve my issue. Can someone tell me where I can buy some switch covers that make the switch tops larger?

I wear 12.5s and have no issues. Comparatively, they are about a close as any other modeler. If you have to have more space, get a MIDI controller board that fits you more.

I did order a Voes MX-12

They’re for sure closer together than my Helix. I’m hoping that I’ll get used to it though. I don’t have an issue when playing guitar only but when singing and guitar I can’t look down as long.

I no longer have my QC, but one way that I’ve gotten around this (having to blindly hit buttons while singing) on my Fractal FM3 is that I have individual presets for a lot of songs and each of these presets has custom (per-preset) footswitch functions. So, for a song where I just need to switch between 2 different scenes, all three switches perform the same function. If there’s 2 scenes and a solo, then two of the buttons will be the same and the far right one will be the solo.

Not sure if anything like this is possible yet with the QC, but if it is, set it up so you have access to only the scenes/effects/etc. that you need for that song and make it redundant if practical. This way, you can blindly stomp and you’re likely to hit the switch you need and not the one(s) you don’t.

Great tip! Thanks

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Yeah, a little bit. I’ve moved the scene change functions to the bottom row. It helps but not 100%.

They are the exact spacing as my Browne Protein which is about as tight as I can handle with 12 1/2 size shoe. I’m getting Mooer shroom toppers to test out before my first gig with the QC.

Hi @Gasp100 and welcome to the community!
Those knob topers are an interesting idea! I have 12.5’s as well but no issues so far. When using the toppers, they obviously don’t bring the knobs further apart so what is their overall advantage other than just making it easier to hit all the knobs in general? Lastly, can the knob still be used as an encoder once the toppers are added? Just curious! Thanks!

They can still be used as long as they’re on solid

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Excuse me, but why would you buy a unit if you think the knobs are to close. To me that would be a reason not to by it. I don´t see how the company could change the distance between them when it is allready manufactured.

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