Broken installation on Mac OS Ventura (Apple Silicon)

I just downloaded the installers for the plugins I have which were just updated to native support for Apple Silicone, but the first 2 I tried couldn’t upgrade the installations I already have (I’ve tried Archetype:Rabea and Imperial Tone King MKII).

It just says this, without any additional info:

Anyone else having this problem?

My system is:

  • Macbook Pro M1 Max
  • MacOS Ventura 13.2.1

There could be multiple reasons why plugins won’t install so best to email so they can provide resolution.

Have you been able to resolve this? I tried updating Gojira, Rabea, Nolly, and Petrucci, but I keep getting the same “The Installation Failed” message that you reported. Hopefully this is getting looked at and we get an answer.

I have the same issue currently on Ventura, have spoken to support but they have just said it’s a permissions issue. However all of my permissions are correct. Would be good to know if/how you solved it?