"Broken" capture in the Quad Cortex

CorOS Version: 2.0.1

Bogna X100B Ch2 15 capture behaves oddly and not anything like other Bogna captures in the Quad Cortex.

This capture has very soft attack and the sound crackles especially when you play softly. It’s not that bad when you strum strings very hard, but the effect is still there. It kind of compresses the sound and crackles at the same time.

I have to mention that I have played guitar more than 15 years and I know how to set up amps and modellers so this not a gain staging issue or that I have the “wrong” settings in the QC. Nothing is clipping in the meters, I have input gate off and no compressors on. Signal path is GTR–QC–and in the QC: capture–cab-output to headphones. This is the only capture that has this odd effect in my QC.

Try this with this capture (Bogna X100B Ch2 15):

  1. Hammer on and pull of repeadetly the g-string from the fret 2 with only left hand for example or play palm muted notes very softly with picking hand and you can hear the effect. Or at least I hear it with my QC…

  2. Play some chords very hard with your picking hand and you can hear that this effect is not so bad, but it’s still there behind the main sound.

I think that I used this same profile before the CorOs 2.0.1 update and there wasn’t this problem. I’m pretty sure that this problem came with the 2.0.1 update.

Is there any way to fix this capture?

Update to this: There’s other Bogna captures too with this same problem. They’re some channel 2 and 3 captures. Does anyone else have this problem?

It isn’t a issue. This Is a REAL behaviour of bogner with specific settings (Power amp in severe distortion, in dist and fuzz mixed situation). I use some of them for solos. Fantastic sound but to play only loud.
Perfect for micidial Power chords too.

Matias Kupiainen explained me on discord on this behaviour, i had asked the same thing.

The PA Is is so stressed that goes in gating (as a fuzz)