Boot Time >40s Normal?

Is it normal that the QC takes about 42 seconds to boot up? I just booted up my Helix LT (3.50) and it only takes about half of the time (20 to 21 seconds). I will do a factory reset anyway once CorOS 2.0.0 is here but I was just wondering …

I think that is normal

unfortunately, that is normal. i usually just put mine in stand-by due to the annoying boot time.

Thanks! At least I know now that it’s not just my unit. :sweat_smile:

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That is the case on my QC as well. For now, It is normal. It took the Helix a couple/few years to dramatically speed up their boot time as well. I think a speedier boot time is part and parcel of the code optimization that tends to take a while as the product matures.

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Helix use to take a long time to boot too. Then one firmware update cut the time way back. I can only speculate, but it might be because they removed a lot of checking that proved to be unnecessary once the unit was in the field long enough to ensure reliable, consistent startup. I have done that in boot loaders myself in the distant past.

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A quicker boot time would be much appreciated. I was playing a gig where the tuner/tap tempo button stopped working mid set and rebooting didn’t seem like an option for me as everyone in the band would be waiting for me before we’d be able to start the next song.

I’ve blown power tubes on stage before. Would’ve killed to fix that in 40 seconds. :joy:


since the unit can have ground noises if plugged into anything when its powered on this doesnt impact me because i plug and power the QC on before i cable it every time to prevent those issues

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