Bogner XTC 101B - MIDI setup

Greetings, has anyone tried to program Midi in QC and use it to change channels on the amplifier. Specifically,

I have G-Lab Mac 4.4 for Bogner XTC, but I have a problem with the setup to call channels via midi and save to QC.

Before QC, I set the switches on the TC - G System via midi to call midi and everything works.

If anyone knows how to program QC, I would appreciate it! Greeting!

I don’t know if you did it already, but maybe the manual has some pointers to help you

Check it beginning on page 90.

I start with manual… but something don’t work.

I need somebody who can help me what i need to do on QC to make it send commands to this G-Lab Mac 4.4 midi and next on Bogner.

I just want to save Bogners footswitch on QC stomps and to recall functions from Head of amp…