Best Practice for Setting Solo Output Level

Hey There, i’m pretty new to the Quad Cortex and i managed to get the basics in via this forum and some videos.
I’m already incredibly happy with the sounds i get out of it.
One thing i miss somehow is the ability to set a specific level for solos. (or just a solo boost switch)

Is there a best practice for that? I mean i could adjust the output level as mentioned in the forum topic for its best practice here, but it was written, that it is recommended to run the output as hot as possible.

So is it “alright” setting up the Output Level for each scene within a preset to different numbers?
For example rythm at -17db and the solo at around -15db? Or do i get a loss in dynamic/tone with this?

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I just have a gain block added in my chain which I set a little higher for when I kick in the solo scene. Just acts as a clean boost at the end of the chain

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Technically you do get a loss in dynamic range, but:

  1. It’s completely negligible. Absolutely no way you could hear the “lost bits of data”…
  2. The fact is - higher output on the solo direclty implies lower output on the preceding section.

So, don’t think about it. Aiming for “max without clipping” is a general goal to keep in mind, but obviously it’s okay to want quiet sections and loud sections.
The idea is: do whatever you want musically, then try to have it so that the loudest part will “max without clipping”, rather than “everything always is at max forever”.

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Thank you for those suggestions. In the meantime i’ve combined those 2 of you and it worked as i want it too!