Best way to get a solo boost?

Another basic one here, What’s the best way to get a good db jump for a solo tone without clipping the output block. I want to get something in the order of a 5db jump and have tried upping amp volume, speaker level, adding a post-effects master EQ to shape and add uplift… but anything meaningful seems to add a clipping warning to the lane output.

I’ve got my outputs down at around -16db and I’m not clipping on my output meters at all in my I/O matrix. I understand from the manual that I may be clipping one of the blocks in the grid but theres no way to see which block that is… but I achieve same result even if I just increase the lane output volume.

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I’d say your best bet is to reduce the preset volume so that your boost isn’t clipping anymore, and increase the output level to get back to the right volume. -16 is pretty low

Hi, this sounds like improper gain staging. Also I’d advise against a 5 dB solo boost, that’s way too much (front of house sound engineer speaking here ;)). 1 to 3 dB is plenty, if a mix is well done the solo barely needs anything. 5 dB would be immediately poking out and screwing up the balance so the solo doesn’t sit with the band anymore.

Regarding gain staging - set your outputs to 0 dB and then find the block(s) that have to high an output. Where is your master volume at?

Oh, we need to clarify again - what’s at -16 dB? Output metering average reading, output level display knob or big master volume?

Hi thanks for your information.

So I have Big volume knob at 100%

Then on the I/O matrix I have Out 1&2 which goes to FOH down at -16db.

That seems to get me a decent volume sent to our desk.

The clipping isn’t occurring in the desk it’s just on the lane output. I did lower my solo level and not getting any more of that now.