Best Plugin for AC / DC sound?

Hi all,

my name is Rolf and I’m new in this forum. Some time ago I started practicing E-guitar after 30 years again.
I own following plugins: Soldano, Petrucci and Nolly
Guitars are Schecter Apocalypse FR-S 7 string and Schecter SLS Evil Twins.

Can anybody tell me, which Plugin will give the best AC/DC sound? If any other Plugin will be better, I can purchase this. Are there any AC / DC like presets available?

Is there a Marshall plugin developement planned by Neural DSP?

Thanks a lot for any help! :grinning:

Best Regards

Nolly, that you own, amp 2 is a Marshall JCM800 2203.
Morello is a Marshall JCM800 2210.
Fortin Cali suite is a Modded Plexi (3 channels,extra gain stages, different swiches, but a Marshall Plexi at heart). Fortin Cali suite comes with 2 ACDC presets from factory, one is called ACDC Rhythm and the other ACDC lead, if I recall.

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