Balancing output levels between presets


When I switch between presets, the levels can be dramatically different. I’d like to get them to be as close as possible. What is the best way to do this?

I’ve tried editing devices in my signal chain, but it feels as though there is a better solution, such as a saved dB value for a global output parameter, perhaps.

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Support got back to me and there’s a way: This can be easily done by modifying the output level of the rows by tapping and holding the output blocks in The Grid ( LANE OUTPUT CONTROL ).

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The user presets, also the NDSP artist endorsed ones differ quite a bit, but the factory presets are more or less uniform, I have used the output block method to make the imported user presets to match the factory presets.

One issue is that the output meters are on the I/O page and aren’t visible when you’re changing the level of the lane output. You have to keep switching back and forth to measure the levels. I use the meters in my DAW for this instead.

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