Balanced line out to input 1 levels

I think this is how he has this hooked up in this video.

I actually have a PT15IR I can try this with, and also have the SUHR Iso Line out box that is also balanced, so I can try this with my other amps as well.

I really like this setup

It’s been a while since I played the PT15IR, and I was thinking of selling it until I saw this video.

Plugging a guitar into the QC input and adjusting the input level to not clip is pretty straight forward.

The SUHR PT15IR has no pot to adjust line out level, but the SUHR iso line out box does.

I guess I can just get my multi meter out and adjust the line out box to match what the PT15IR does.

But will I need to choose a different impedance in the I/O for input one? Line level is much hotter than instrument level …So will I just adjust the input level the same like I do with guitar, or is there some other step I’m missing?

It’s been a while since I messed with line level stuff, but my thinking was that I would adjust the SUHR ISO LINE OUT BOX to 750 mV , set the impedance to 10k, and then adjust the input on the QC to not clip, and that this would give me a higher signal to noise ratio than if I dialed it down to instrument level.