Backing Track Volume via USB, iPhone

Hi all!

  • CorOs 2.0
  • iPhone
  • Apple USB Camera Adapter

Connected my iPhone via Apple Camera Adapter and USB port to my Quad Cortex to play along to backing tracks.

Problem: I can’t control the volume of the backing track via the volume buttons on my phone.

  • For apps having a volume control build in like Drum Beats+ or different metronome apps it works perfectly fine to use their own volume control.

  • For apps like YouTube, Spotify etc., not having a volume control build in, they are going all in at full volume.

I have the feeling the volume knobs of my phone worked prior 2.0 for YouTube for example, but not definitely sure. Anyone with the same issue?

Did I miss something besides changing USB Level in the input controls screen?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Alex. I am not an expert by any means but your very clear explanation of your setup helps me to see that there is nothing you are missing. It’s just the way it is. Ideally if you were plugging into a Mac I think you would have that control… I use a little device called the Qudelix 5K. It is an amazing little unit that can work as a DAC for your iPhone. It is highly configurable and even has one of the best built in EQ setups around. It is a little over a hundred dollars on Amazon and is highly rated. It may give you some of the versatility you are after and even help to key in your favorite EQ. It is also capable of being a Bluetooth receiver so you are not tethered to your device if you are using wired earbuds/headphones. I hope this helps. How are you enjoying your QC overall?

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Hi Brian, thanks for reaching out! :slight_smile: I’ll definitely have a look at the Qudelix 5K, sounds interesting.


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Not an iPhone user, but I would consider looking for a mixer app that will just control the volume of different apps. Googling “iphone audio mixer app” gave me a few results that seemed to do what you need.

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AUM Mixer looks quite extensive, thanks!