Aux In with USB but buggy and noisy

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I connected to my s23 smartphone using a usb to c cable, knowing that there is aux in function through usb to use QC even when practicing at home.

Immediately after the connection, I can hear the music played on my smartphone.

However, the music plays for about ten seconds and then turns into a state where a very strange effecting sound and noise are heard tremendously.

Also, if I wait for ten seconds in that state, distortion or noise again after that, and the music begins to play again intact. And before long, the same problem repeats itself.

This isn’t just a problem with USB B TO c cables. It’s the same with another USB B cable I have and a USB C gender.

I’ve even used all the other tablets or smartphones I have, but it’s the same.

Of course, there is no problem when using RETURN, the most annoying way to use the AUX IN function in QC. However, if I do this, I don’t want to do this because I have to bear the hassle of adding a new column to all the presets every time, and I also need additional cables.

If anyone has experienced a similar problem or knows the solution or cause for this problem, I would appreciate it if you could help me.

I am very sorry for you because I am not a native English speaker and it will be hard to read because my English is a mess.

I think that’s a known issue when playing thru Android devices and sometimes even Windows PC’s.

NDSP didn’t correct this problem yet.

The QC is core audio compliant. Anything core audio compliant should work fine. If not, reach out via email to and they will get you sorted.

It’s very sad that it’s still unresolved


I’ve already sent the same to NEURAL DSP, but there’s no response

Try sending a mail with a different mail-account. I’ve got the feeling, that they have a very strickt spam filter.