Async UI touch issue

CorOS Version: 2.1.1

Describe your issue:
As you can see, if I tap once a block and suddenly tap another block, it may happen that either 1) the first block parameters panel is shown but suddenly overwritten by the second block parameter panel and 2) double tap to enable/disable block works also if the double tap it’s not issued on the same block.

Both behaviors are wrong IMHO. I hope a fix doesn’t slow down the UI further.

Update the QC and see if that helps, you’re at least 2 updates behind at this point

The issues are not present into changelogs. Anyway I’ve already updated to 2.1.0 in the past weeks and the problems are still there. I’m doing the 2.1.1 update now.

I confirm, the issues are still there with CorOS 2.1.1