Petrucci Transpose seems out of tune when playing live

I just got Petrucci, mainly for the Transpose feature. It’s not working as well as I’d hoped and wondering if any suggestions.

Basically I’m having trouble using Transpose in real time. When I Transpose down -1 or -3 semitones and play live, the sound seems choppy and not in any tune at all. It’s basically unplayable live for me. I am running Archetype Petrucci in Ableton Live on a Windows 11 Ryzen 5 PC with 32GB of RAM. If I record my playing, then play my recording back however, I am able to change the Transpose setting while playing back my clip and it sounds like Transpose is working correctly.

Is Transpose designed to run in real time for real time playthrough? Or is it designed as a ‘post’ effect that you can change once your clip is recorded? Seems like I can’t use it real time as I had hoped. Any suggestions for me on this?

Make sure you aren’t hearing the acoustics’ of the guitar bleeding in with the processed tones. Try monitoring with headphones to ensure you aren’t hearing the acoustic tones of the instrument.

That was the problem. Thank you!

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I’ve seen it and heard it thousands of times. Glad to help! Enjoy that plugin!