Archetype Gojira X not starting on Windows 11

I’ve installed Gojira X on Windows 10 which launches fine, however when trying to launch it on Windows 11 nothing appears on screen and I have to end the program using task manager.

The App sits at 0% cpu and 1.6mb of memory, any ideas why it won’t run on Windows 11?

For anyone else having the issue this is how I got this working

Install a DAW (I installed Pre Sonus Studio)
Wait for the DAW to scan for plugins

Once the DAW finds the DSP plugin you will get the Activation Window (this wouldn’t appear previously), activate the plugin and then you can use the standalone program.


Win11 I have no problem and I deleted the old version , works fine

I had this exact same issue with Windows 11 and trying to open the Morgan Amps and Plini-x stand-alone plugins… The solution you proposed is how I fixed it as well