Apple Native Silicon updates for Fortin Nameless and Omega Ampworks Granophyre

The following plugins are now compatible with Apple Native Silicon:

  • Fortin Nameless Suite
  • Omega Ampworks Granophyre
  • Archetype: Nolly
  • Archetype: Abasi
  • Parallax
  • Archetype: Cory Wong
  • Fortin Cali Suite
  • Archetype: Petrucci
  • Archetype: Tim Henson
  • Tone King Imperial MKII
  • Archetype: Rabea
  • Archetype: Tom Morello
  • Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Suite

The remaining plugins to be updated are:

  • Soldano SLO-100
  • Archetype: Gojira
  • Archetype: Plini
  • Fortin NTS Suite
  • Darkglass Ultra