Fortin Nameless plugin not found in older Logic Pro X session after recent update

I have recently updated to the latest version of Fortin Nameless plugin (v3.0.1) and unfortunately now, when I try to open Logic Pro X sessions with older version of the plugin (V2.0.0), logic says that plugin not found. I can manually insert the updated plugin, but obviously all the original amp settings are gone.
Do I need to revert to the older version for backward compatibility ?
My system is : Osx Mojave, latest Logic Version(10.4.8)


Hello @sweepico. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the Audio Units format. Here’s an explanation of the issue:

In this case, this happened from the 2.0.0 to the 3.0.0 due to MIDI implementation. You can, however, save your presets on the 2.0.0 version and load them on the 3.0.1.

Ok, thank you for your prompt response Gonzalo. I’ll revert to V 2.0.0 and re-save the presets as suggested.


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