Tone King MK II 1.0.3. standalone Apple Silicon but plugin still rosetta mode?

Hello. One question. The standalone version of the plugin (Tone King) shows me Apple Silicon but the plugin which I use in my DAW shows me Intel Rosetta but with current version number. Is only the standalone version Apple Silicon compatible ? Does the app still have to be started in Rosetta mode. The option is still present.

Yes I am afraid only the standalone version is Silicon ready. Personally I think NDSP are being a bit naughty & not making that clear. That info is available on the site but it doesn’t jump out.

We just have to hope & prey NDSP get on this asap.

Thanks for your answer . Would be good if NDSP would change that . Tone King really sucks power in my DAW. Studio One 6 / Mac mini M2 .