Anyone know how to capture a Helix patch?

Looking to capture a couple of my Helix presets. Is it As easy as it seems? Any advice on the output levels in Helix ?

Hi @Stringsandwich and welcome to the community! You would capture your tones using the same method for capturing AMPs/drives etc. Just make sure to set your capture input to Line/MIC as applicable for your setup and make sure you aren’t clipping on QC or Helix and experiment until you get the right levels. I would also disable any time based FX blocks on the Helix as they won’t be captured anyway etc.

Thanks MP, that’s what I thought. Will compression capture correctly?strong text

Glad to help! It think it depends on the amp being modeled/captured mostly but for the most part I would say amp compression should capture as part of the overall tone. That’s a good question and possibly one that can answer definitively. I would say my 5150 has a good amount of compression on high gain channels and I feel I have been able to capture that for the most part but again YMMV and that’s a great question! I know some amps that have more fuzz in their tonal structure don’t seem to capture as well and probably due to the current QC limitation of capturing fuzz pedals etc. Good luck!