Hx effects capture

Just curious if anyone has tried to capture any effects from the hx effects unit??

You would only be able to capture drives and amps etc., no time based FX’s but I see no reason it wouldn’t work as others (including me) have successfully captured drives/amps from other modelers.

Thank you for answering so quickly. I’ve just got my QC today so I was wondering what tips you have for capturing the boost or overdrive pedals?

Capturing components will require finding the sweet spot for your desired tone with regards to input/capture levels. The manual (linked below) is the best resource but honestly, if you follow the built in wizard for capturing, you will likely achieve the results you are looking for. I will leave this open for others with HX FX with hopes they can provide any additional tips for that specific setup.

Many thanks for your help. It’s much appreciated.

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That’s what we are here for! :slight_smile: Good luck and remember, you can always email support@neuraldsp.com if you hit a road block. My 1st 10-15 captures were completed without cracking the manual so I don’t believe you will have any issues. I will still keep this open in case another HX FX user has ideas or specifics to help.

I capture items from AF, HX, plug-ins etc. works great. It does make a lot of sense to capture amps set the way you want based on how they port over into the QC.