Any way to copy the arpeggiator and synth of the Source Audio C4 Synth?

Well, all is in the title. My bass player uses this pedal in one song with a synth and arpeggiator, and for one show he will not be able to make it, so I am looking for a way to reproduce this efefct on the QC.
Any help appreciated!

It is potentially possible - the Moog Filter will get you synthy sounds with a fuzz and/or octaver in front.
No idea what the arpeggiator bit might be doing, but maybe some delays and pitch shifter combinations could sort it for you.

An easier option - can you borrow the pedal and just put it in an FX loop? I assume backing tracks are not an option?

Unfortunately, borrowing the pedal is not an option, indeed :frowning:
I found a factory patch that does some kind of arpeggios using synths and delays. I’ll start from this and try to modify to get as close as I can.