Considering buying a Quad Cortex, have a few questions

HI all,

Pardon if it has been asked, but could not find the info. Seen a bunch o videos about the stereo capabilities of the CQ, but I’m starting a new project that would need a 3rd independent signal.

Left - Right - Center (octave down simulating bass)

Right now doing it all will pedal and writing some great riffs. My main need would be to effect the center octave down, and be able to independently on/off, as well as some fun effect.

Is this possible to do intuitively, or requires “hacks” ? I worry about having to tap dance too much.

Not really a deal breaker, I can split the signal before the CQ and run that independently with dedicated pedal, but would prefer to avoid it.

Currently running through an OC-5, specifically for the polyphonic mode that can threshold when it stops triggering, so it doesn’t do all the notes when strumming or articulating. Can the CQ do this?

Another question… How can I sync the QC midi tap tempo with external processors, like Source Audio C4 or even sound cards for live backing track sync?

Thank you all in advance

Just to clarify, the center channel would go to a bass amp, not a fake center octave down down both paths

not sure about the synching, but I think others are doing it by sending midi tempo info TO the QC (I don’t think the QC sends yet, only receives)

the fx setup/channel lanes config is doable; you can use a freq-crossover style split to send only the low freq notes to an octave-shifted lane for faux bass. Plenty of room for fx with it, and very easy to assign the ‘mute’ function on the output to a switch/scene/XP- whatever you want.

I’ve done something similar for applying different fx to different frequencies of the same instrument. Maybe that preset would give you a headstart with the cross-over split?

that’s really only for the cross-over split. If you wanted the bass amped separately, you’d change its lane output to whichever one you’re sending to the bass amp, instead of carrying it over into another lane

EDIT: sorry, got carried away, I see you don’t actually HAVE the QC yet. Well, if you pull the trigger, you can definitely do what you’re asking