Any issues using the XLR out on a Fryette PS-100 into QC?

I was doing some DI captures off my Randall RM100 this evening as I had issues using the XLR from the PS-100 to input 1 of the QC. No matter what I did on either side of the XLR, there was no signal going back to the QC. Since the XLR and 1/4 out on the PS-100 are separate, I tried the 1/4 line out into the QC and had no issues. I’m gonna send an email to Fryette support as well as Neural, but I was wondering if anyone on the board who may have any of the Power Stations may have this issue? Or is it the XLR jack on the QC. Thanx in advance.

btw, the RM captures will be uploaded either later today or tomorrow. They are the Randall Tweed, XTC and Jaded Faith Super Lead moduled.

So as a quick test, I connected the XLR out from the PS-100 to my audio interface and got a healthy signal so I don’t think the issue is with the XLR out on the PS-100. I also tried diming the input 1 levels using mic levels but didn’t see anything. i guess that I can use TS connections for now, but I’d like to use xlr line outs if possible.

You need to change the Input settings on the QC when using the XLR output from the Fryette. Swipe down and change Input 1 to Microphone instead of Instrument.

That worked. I thought that I tried that but I must have been mistaken. Thanx for the help.

When using the ps-100, what settings with the tone switches are best to use? I’ve been using them on flat when doing a capture.

When you are using the switches set to flat, you are only getting a resistive load. They sound much better in the middle or top settings, which put them in the reactive load state.

Use the middle positions. When they are switched to the down positions you are not getting a full resistive load as you would through a cab.

I always set my amp into my ps100 into a cab and get it sounding exactly how I want it through the cab. So the switches are set to whatever sounds best and my captures come out sounding pretty much dead on perfect. I use my ps100 as a power amp with the QC, so it makes sense that the captures will sound just like my amp since they are both running into the ps100.