Amp models

Please quickly add the amp models for the matchless dc30 and the orange that have been promised. These are the amps I use and Ive been waiting a year after buying the product.

Many important amplifiers are missing, for me especially the Mesa Boogie Triaxis.

I too would love a Matchless DC30 and a Benson Chimera.

Magnatones. Oh please, that ZZ Top tone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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ZZ tone is a jmp1 with a graphic eq. The Mags are never plugged into.

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Do you know any specifics on the graphic EQ settings Gibbons uses?

He uses the EQ to tone & level match all of his guitar’s as closely as possible to his No.1 Les Paul (this is done prior to the amp’s input). His tone comes from his hands (as does everybody’s) the gear is really just a Les Paul into a Marshall.

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