Amp Model Request - ENGL

I would like to get some ENGL Amps (This is something that i miss a lot), having captures of them is great but they are not that manipulable like a modeled one.
The switches and all that modes (For Ex. like the Friedman has) its game changer having those options.

If we could get one of these i would be much more than happy:

Engl Powerball MKI or II
Engl Savage 120

I would love an Engl Savage 120 mk II !
When I used to own a fractal audio I use that model of the time

I made a bunch of captures of my Engl Raider 100 which sound great (to my ears). I haven’t uploaded anything to the cloud, but I could try to do that soon if time permits. I’m only hesitant because I don’t know what will sound good to others and the modeling community is pretty harsh if things aren’t perfect.

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All goes step by step, with feedback we can improve the capture process, i have to make my own captures of my Engl Powerball too!

Anyway, having the oltion of a modeled version its always a win :metal:t3: