Allow use of all 32 blocks in a patch

Currently there is no way to use the split/merge to connect the end of row 1 to the beginning of row 2. The split can only be moved to the right of the 7th block. Nor is it possible to route the output of row 1 to the input of row 2. These restrictions are similar for rows 3 and 4.

As a result, the maximum number of blocks you can get in a series patch is 30.

The feature request is to remove this restriction and allow flexible routing that uses all 32 blocks.

In the near term if you really needed this for something and had the FX loops available, you could loop them back into each other and do something like this:

But you might need to be careful where you placed stereo blocks as they’d probably need to be in the last row to work properly

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Good idea, and a solid indication that it should be possible in software without having to use up an effects loop (or two) and without incurring two extra digital/analog conversions.

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