Airplane mode/Wifi Off

I would like to have the option of turning off the WiFi in the quad cortex
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Not sure I’ve understood what you say, but if I’m right you can switch the wifi off in the QC. In fact it’s off until you switch it on.

You can disconnect by simply clicking on the connection name with the check mark under Settings ’ → Wi-Fi. That is not quite the same as being able to put it into airplane mode which usually shuts down Wi-Fi (and/or Bluetooth if that ever gets activated, the QC Wi-Fi adaptor apparently has Bluetooth capability but is not implemented).

Yeah! That’s what I was talking about, being capable to switch to airplane mode to turn the adapter off.

Just curious, what is the benefit of being able to disable the Wifi radio rather than just not connecting to an Wifi AP?

Is it always searching for new connections?

If the radio is on which it is by default, yes it would be searching for an AP to connect to but it doesn’t use any resources to do so.

doesn’t use any resources to do so

Sounds like magic. Or perpetuum mobile :wink:

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Also wifi adapters that arent connected to any AP but are still activated usually clutter the “airspace”. Nearly all WiFi client devices emit probe requests and scan the responses for its known networks. If you disable the WiFi adapter on the device, it will not send probe / ping requests. If a device has a functionality to connect to a preferred network automatically it has to send probe requests.
With all the modern wireless stuff going on on some stages i would also be happy to be able to reduce transmission to a required minimum.